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What does the future hold for Six Sigma?



Although Six Sigma has simulation tools to predict future events and mitigate associated risks, there is no crystal ball for knowing what is in store for Six Sigma itself in 2007 and beyond. Through the responses of nearly 1,500 survey participants, we endeavored to add some clarity to the picture. Whether you think the methodology has seen its day and is shrinking into the pages of corporate history, or that Six Sigma is fundamental to business and will continue to proliferate, you will want to read the results of this research study.

  • 1,494: Number of total survey respondents
  • 54: Percent of respondents who said the expected number of active Six Sigma Black Belt projects in 2007 will be more than in 2006
  • 11: Percent of respondents who said the expected number of active Six Sigma Green Belt projects in 2007 will be fewer than in 2006
  • 37: Percent of respondents who reported that 2007 spending on Six Sigma training at their company will increase over 2006
  • 92: Percent of respondents who said that 2007 Black Belt staffing at their company will remain constant or increase
  • 45: Percent of respondents whose company uses Six Sigma less than enterprise wide now but plans to roll out Six Sigma across the company within the next year
  • 47: Percent of respondents from companies not using Six Sigma who report that their company currently has no plans for a Six Sigma deployment
  • 14: Percent of respondents who reported that the integration of Lean and Six Sigma will be a primary focus for 2007
  • 29: Percent of respondents who identified lack of knowledge as the primary reason their company is not using Six Sigma
  • 41, 44: Percent of respondents in 2005 and 2006, respectively, who said their company uses Design for Six Sigma

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November 2006


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