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Acuity Institute’s Certified Change Management Professional Program is the most complete certification package available. It includes 3 months of online course access along with instructor and customer service support; we are your team throughout your program. Also included at no extra cost is the comprehensive Change Management Simulated Project, Change Management Certification Exam, Change Management Toolkit, and the Change Management course eBook. Acuity Institute sets the standard for online training and certification for individuals looking to achieve Certified Change Management Professional designation. One of the best credentials we have is defined by the diversity of the Acuity Institute student population enrolled across 65 countries worldwide. We look forward to supporting you in your journey to becoming a Certified Change Management Professional with Acuity Institute.

Course Package Inclusions

Online Course Lessons and Quizzes (3 Months Access)

Instructor Support (3 Months Access)

Simulated Project

Certification Exam

Change Management Toolkit

Course eBook

IACET Continuing Education Units: 3.0 CEU’s

PMI Professional Development Units: 30 PDU’s



Many Change Management initiatives fail because people do not know where to start or how to sustain change. Acuity Institute’s Change Management Program has been designed to provide Change Leaders running organizational projects with the tools and skills to initiate change in a project environment. Our program delivers best practices for both tactical and behavioral elements of change from leading experts in a practical and simple way.  It demystifies change by providing students with a superior interactive Change Management Toolkit which leads practitioners through all phases of the Change Management process.

While there are numerous approaches to Change Management, Acuity’s Change Management Program encompasses the general industry standard of evaluating the organization issue/problem, initiating action to make change, planning the change while encouraging stakeholder buy-in, executing the plans while being flexible to the changing landscape, and how to sustain the change and make it “stick” so that the organization truly gains benefits of the change.  Unlike other change management courses, students in Acuity’s Change Management Program will also learn the process of change through a simulated project in which they can practice the top skills of Change Leaders.  In addition, students are provided Acuity’s Change Management Toolkit which enables them with the tools to immediately make a positive Change Management impact within their organization.

Training is conducted online and uses a multi-media format that includes audio by Change experts, examples of successful change, interactive simulations and quizzes, and the most current and robust tools and techniques available.  The course is “self-paced” and can be accessed at anytime – anywhere, which provides the most flexibility in completing the course.  On average students complete the Change Management Program in 30 hours (average completion time, actual time may vary).

Acuity Institute’s Change Management Program is one the most comprehensive in the world. We recommend it to Project Leaders, Department Leaders, Business Leaders, Business Improvement Team Leaders, Emerging Leaders, Business Improvement Teams, and Change Practitioners.

KEY OUTCOMES (on completion of this course, students will be able to…)

  • Assess one’s own resilience to change
  • Utilize a foundation of learning on the principles of change
  • Understand the systems thinking that drives behavior
  • Define the roadmap to change
  • Demonstrate the tools of change
  • Utilize the tools in a case study
  • Initiate change by creating a sense of urgency
  • Plan change by managing stakeholders
  • Implement a change strategy and plan
  • Implement change by managing resistance
  • Recognize how to lock in the change
  • Understand how to make change stick


  • None


Acuity Institute’s Change Management Professional Certification has 3 parts:

  • Part 1: Complete the Online Lessons and Quizzes (see Online Course Lessons and Quizzes below for additional detail)
  • Part 2: Complete the Simulated Project Deliverables and Tollgate Review (see Simulated Project below for additional detail)
  • Part 3: Successfully pass the Change Management Exam (see Certification Exam below for additional detail)

Upon completing these requirements you will be awarded Acuity Institute’s Change Management Professional Certification.


Lesson 1
Introduction to Change Management

  • Introduction to Change Management
  • Change Resilience
  • Change Roadmap

Lesson 2
System Factors

  • Six System Factors (Vision, Accountability, Stakeholder Involvement, Skills Development, Metrics & Policies & Processes, Reinforcing Behavior)

 Lesson 3
Initiate the Change

  • Assess the Change
  • Create the Need for Change
  • Identify the Change Team

Lesson 4
Plan the Change

  • Create a Vision for Change
  • Analyze Stakeholder’s Behavior
  • Decide on a Change Strategy
  • Create a Change Plan

Lesson 5
Execute the Plan

  • Communicate the Plan
  • Identify and Manage Resistance
  • Produce Quick Wins
  • Sustain the Momentum

Lesson 6
Make Change Stick

  • ABC BOC (Antecedents Behavior Consequences / Balance of Consequences)
  • Change Controls

Simulated Change Management Project

An important element of thoroughly understanding the key concepts and principles introduced in this course is the ability to demonstrate application beyond the online lessons. To accomplish this students work through a simulated Change Management project. At Acuity Institute we recognize that not every individual has the opportunity to complete an actual Change Management project while completing training, therefore we have created a real world simulated project that takes students from the beginning to the end of a problem and solution. The simulated project helps to build the students understanding of the concepts taught in training and provides practical application of the tools. Students complete the course better prepared to apply what they have learned in the real world.

The simulation is based on a hypothetical company, Simco International or “SI” that faces many of the same problems companies are dealing with today. The simulation is designed to illustrate the entire business improvement effort through each phase of Change Management. Students complete 12 challenging exercises (project deliverables) which build on previously learned tools and concepts taught in training. The following are the simulated project exercises that are completed throughout the course:

There is no comparison of this simulation in the marketplace today. No other Change Management course offers a comprehensive simulation such as ours which includes numerous project deliverables, challenging analysis, and a Change Management tollgate review.

Technical Requirements for accessing Acuity Institute’s Online Training Courses

  • Windows – one of the following web browsers (noted version or later): Internet Explorer 6, Google Chrome, Firefox 1.5, Safari 3, Opera 9.5 (Internet Explorer or Firefox is highly recommended)
  • Macintosh – one of the following web browsers (noted version or later): Firefox 1.5, Safari 3 (Firefox is highly recommended)
  • A computer with Microsoft Office 2003 or higher (required to utilize the Change Management Toolkit templates)
  • A high speed internet connection
  • Sound capability on the computer (speakers or headphones)
  • Adobe Reader (free software)
  • Adobe Flash Player (free software)


Acuity Institute wants the learning experience to be as supportive and engaging as possible, we are here to help you succeed. We understand the importance of having a place to ask questions to the experts about tools and techniques, exercises, project work or general technical support. During training, students can submit questions to instructors through Acuity Institute’s Student Center. Responses are provided to student questions in one business day or less. If questions and/or answers are complex, an Acuity Institute instructor will schedule a one-on-one phone meeting with the student to review the question/answer.


Acuity Institute’s Change Management Certification Exam is the standard for Change Management Certification. Upon completing training, students will be required to achieve a passing mark of 80% or higher on the exam. The exam is intended to validate student proficiency with Change Management tools and techniques. The following highlights the Change Management Exam.

  • The Change Management Exam is included in the program. Students will have 1 attempt to successfully pass the exam (80% or higher). If a student does not pass the exam they will be charged a fee of $25 if they choose to retake the exam. Upon submitting the retake fee, Acuity Institute will provide areas in the course for the student to review prior to the next exam attempt.
  • The exam is administered online. Students will need to have an active internet connection to complete the exam.
  • The exam is open book. Students may use any reference materials to complete the exam (training manuals, project materials, etc.).
  • Students have a maximum of 2 hours (120 minutes) to complete the exam.
  • Once the entire exam is complete, the student will be notified immediately if they passed the exam. Students will not have access to their answers; this information is keep confidential to Acuity Institute.


Through our experience we have assembled the Change Management Toolkit which assists practitioners in keeping focused on Change Management and not creating templates.  No other Change Management training provider offers a comprehensive Change Management Toolkit such as ours. The toolkit includes the following templates that can be utilized in Change Management projects beyond training:


The Change Management eBook (electronic copy) contains much of the same content as the online instructional materials. The eBook includes over 285 pages of Change Management theory, practice exercises, project simulation, tools and techniques. The eBook is fully searchable and contains many links to assist students in quickly navigating to key tools and concepts. The eBook allows students the ability to capture notes and comments within the eBook for future reference. Students can print directly from the eBook. To protect the electronic intellectual property of the course content, students will not be able to copy from the eBook.


Acuity Institute has been approved as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). In obtaining this approval, Acuity Institute has demonstrated that it complies with the ANSI/IACET Standards which are widely recognized as standards of good practice internationally. As a result of our Authorized Provider membership status, Acuity Institute is authorized to offer IACET CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Standards. The primary purpose of a CEU is to provide a permanent record of the educational accomplishments of an individual who has completed one or more significant non-credit educational experiences. 3.0 IACET Continuing Education Units are provided upon successful completion of this course.


Acuity Institute is an approved provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Being a Registered Education Provider allows Acuity Institute to grant Professional Development Units (PDUs) to customers who complete our qualified programs. As a Registered Education Provider, Acuity Institute has agreed to abide by the PMI established quality assurance criteria. 30 PMI Professional Development Units are provided upon successful completion of this course.

Additional information


Acuity Institute

Minimum Software & Version

Adobe Flash Player + Adobe Reader

Minimum Internet Connection Required

High speed internet with web browser (IE, Chrome or Firefox)

Other Requirements

Computer sound capability (speakers or headphones)


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