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The CSSBB Preparation Pack includes materials for passing the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) exam. This CSSBB Preparation Pack includes the BB Training Materials + Assessment Exam: 1,254 PowerPoint slides, instructor notes, slide explanations, 37 data sets (in Minitab, but you don’t need to run them to learn from the slides…it just reinforces the materials), 20 supporting templates and a 100 question assessment exam (with answer key).

The included CSSBB assessment exam is useful for students interested in assessing their knowledge of Lean Six Sigma on the Black Belt level, and determining if they are ready for a certification exam. This CSSBB Preparation Pack can be used in preparation for the a Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) exam at an organization (such as ASQ or IQF), or a private company (GE, Motorla, etc.).

Below is the outline for the CSSBB Preparation Pack materials. The OSSS Six Sigma Black Belt Full Outline is available as well.

CSSBB Preparation Pack – DEFINE

Understanding Six Sigma
Six Sigma Fundamentals
Selecting Projects
Elements of Waste
Wrap Up & Action Items

CSSBB Preparation Pack – MEASURE

Welcome to Measure
Process Discovery
Six Sigma Statistics
Measurement System Analysis
Process Capability
Wrap Up & Action Items

CSSBB Preparation Pack – ANALYZE

Welcome to Analyze
“X” Sifting
Inferential Statistics
Intro to Hypothesis Testing
Hypothesis Testing Normal Data P1
Hypothesis Testing Normal Data P2
Hypothesis Testing Non Normal Data P1
Hypothesis Testing Non Normal Data P2
Wrap Up & Action Items

CSSBB Preparation Pack – IMPROVE

Welcome to Improve
Process Modeling: Regression
Advanced Process Modeling: MLR
Designing Experiments
Experimental Methods
Full Factorial Experiments
Fractional Factorial Experiments
Wrap Up & Action Items

CSSBB Preparation Pack – CONTROL

Welcome to Control
Advanced Experiments
Advanced Capability
Lean Controls
Defect Controls
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Six Sigma Control Plans
Wrap up & Action Items

Included in this CSSBB Preparation Pack are four files: 1) Instructions for installing the PowerPoint slides to your hard drive, 2) an installer (more compact than including all the raw PowerPoint files), 3) revision notes and 4) a compressed (ZIP) file with the assessment. The assessment ZIP includes two Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The first file in the assessment ZIP is a 100 question multiple choice test. You can print the test, set a time limit and test your knowledge. We recommend you set a time limit of 2 hours 40 minutes for this practice test (1.6 minutes per question). After the test, use the second PDF file (answer key) to see which questions you answered correctly and incorrectly. You can use the answer key and test to see if you’re ready for the test, and to help in preparation.

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